NHL Team Sweep History

NHL team history includes all iterations of a team’s name. For example, the Calgary Flames includes all data when they were known as the Atlanta Flames.

There are two instances in which a current team is not associated with a former team of the same name.

  • The Ottawa Senators (since 1992) are considered a separate team from the original Ottawa Senators, which existed from 1883-1934.
  • The Winnipeg Jets of today began as the Atlanta Thrashers in during the 1999-2000. Since 2011-12, they have been known as the Winnipeg Jets. They are not affiliated with the original Winnipeg Jets (1972-1996). The original Winnipeg Jets history is included with the Arizona Coyotes. When the new Winnipeg Jets returned in 2011-12, they did not regain the history of the original team.

*Note: The High Seed is the team with Home Ice advantage.

St. Louis Blues Sweep data

The St. Louis Blues were also known as :
  • St. Louis Blues
RoundFirst RoundSecond RoundConference FinalsStanley Cup FinalTotal
Total Series29268467
High Seed Sweeps11103
Low Seed Sweeps11002
High Seed Swepts31138
Low Seed Swepts01001

Sweeps By Season (Seasons with no sweeps or swepts are ommited)
SeasonFirst RoundSecond RoundConference FinalsStanley Cup FinalTotal
1968 Swepts: 00011
1969 Sweeps: 01102
1969 Swepts: 00011
1970 Swepts: 00011
1972 Swepts: 00101
1977 Swepts: 01001
1993 Sweeps: 10001
1994 Swepts: 10001
1998 Sweeps: 10001
2001 Sweeps: 01001
2009 Swepts: 10001
2012 Swepts: 01001
2021 Swepts: 10001