NHL Season History

On this page you will find the Stanley Cup Playoff results for each season. You will see the result of every 7-game series during that particular season’s playoffs.

2018 Stanley Cup Playoff data

RoundWinner (Seed)LoserLengthSweep
PrelimTampa Bay Lightning (High)New Jersey Devils5 games
PrelimBoston Bruins (High)Toronto Maple Leafs7 games
PrelimWashington Capitals (High)Columbus Blue Jackets6 games
PrelimPittsburgh Penguins (High)Philadelphia Flyers6 games
PrelimNashville Predators (High)Colorado Avalanche6 games
PrelimWinnipeg Jets (High)Minnesota Wild5 games
PrelimVegas Golden Knights (High)Los Angeles Kings4 gamesSweep
PrelimSan Jose Sharks (Low)Anaheim Ducks4 gamesSweep
QtrsTampa Bay Lightning (High)Boston Bruins5 games
QtrsWashington Capitals (High)Pittsburgh Penguins6 games
QtrsWinnipeg Jets (Low)Nashville Predators7 games
QtrsVegas Golden Knights (High)San Jose Sharks6 games
SemisWashington Capitals (Low)Tampa Bay Lightning7 games
SemisVegas Golden Knights (Low)Winnipeg Jets 5 games
FinalsWashington Capitals (Low)Vegas Golden Knights5 games